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  1.  Consultation

        This is an appointment with our Lead Designer Tanya Lippuner who will meet and have one full hour to talk through your interior design dilemmas, you can ask her advice, show her pictures of your house, 2D plans, ideas, items you were thinking of purchasing, magazine clip outs - anything! She will help you with any design-related questions and give suggestions.

       Your consultation can be used for:

        * Reviewing selections you've made * Styling * Reviewing design plans/layout * Talking through a design dilemma

       Please remember:

        There is only so much we can fit into one hour, so be sure of what your design issues and desired outcomes are prior to our appointment.


        1. Will you design my room from top to bottom? Unfortunately no, that can't be done in a consultation. We suggest you speak with us about your requirements and we will provide you with a quote for any further design requirements.

       2. How much is the appointment? The flat rate for this service is £50 for one hour and includes a post-appointment summary.

       3. What if I need more time? Absolutely! You can purchase additional time at £50/ hr.

       4. Where do we meet? Tanya can meet you at a mutually agreed venue (cafe etc.) or she can come to your house (we ask for travel reimbursement depending on distance i.e. if not local). We also offer a remote service so we can have our consultation on ‘Zoom’ or ’Teams'.

       5. What should I bring? The more you have prepared, the more Tanya will be able to help you! Bring photos of your house (on your phone), magazine clippings of ideas that have sparked your interest, share your Pinterest board with us so we can see your preferred design style. She will also ask you lots of questions - how you live, members of your family - ages etc - there is a lot of detail which needs to be thought about when designing your spaces, to make sure the desired outcome functions and looks beautiful!

       6. What's included in the guide/ report? We know how quickly an hour goes by right? With this in mind, after our consultation, we will email you notes from the meeting and include all the suggestions made by Tanya during the meeting just in case any slip your mind, (so you don't need to take notes). We will also include any imagery to back up my suggestions.

       7. Can I reschedule my time? Yes you can. There is no fee for rescheduling.

       8. Are appointments refundable? The consultation fee is nonrefundable, however there is no fee for rescheduling your appointment.